Our Services

KH Air Solutions provides indoor air quality testing in conjunction with dehumidification and air purification systems for your home or office. Monitoring and managing the humidity and air quality of your space results in a decrease in bacteria, virus, and fungus growth, alleviate allergies, and decreases dust and dander in the air. 

Optimum relative humidity and air quality improves comfort and overall wellness.

Dehumidifier Installation

Consultation to installation

KH Air Solutions provides recommendations to achieve optimum relative humidity in your home or office. 

We will perform a full consultation of your space and make recommendations for size of dehumidifier unit, location of installation, a schedule of upkeep, and provide maintenance services for your dehumidifier. 

Air Purifier Systems

Spaces large and small

Whether you live in a studio apartment or work in an office building, we can provide air purifier solutions for your needs. 

Systems range from standalone air purifiers to integrated systems for your HVAC system. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Evaluate your space

Testing your air quality is a great starting point for managing the humidity and overall wellness of your home or office. 

This gives us, and you, an indication of the level of services needed, size of dehumidifier unit, and any air purifier system recommendations.


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